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Aug 14, 2009 8:00pm EDT
kneale. cnbc reports at 8:00 eastern. >>> i just love that promo. so obama in montana, the president taking his rescue plea for his ailing health care plan on the campaign trail today. the questioning was polite but pointed. but this is the obama bite that really stuck in my craw. >> the truth of the matter is we have to get over this notion that somehow we could have something for nothing because that's part of how we got into the deficits and the debt that we're in in the first place. >> okay. so the president says we've got to get over this idea of something for nothing. and it drew applause. then why is it the democrats want to put the cost of overhauling coverage for 300 million americans on the shoulders of just 2 million people in that higher tax bracket? why is it that 93% of americans won't have to pay any extra taxes at all? aren't they getting something for nothing? come to think of it, why is the boug bottom 40% of americans pay no income taxes at all? shouldn't everyone except the truly poor have to pay at least some federal income tax? i thought we were all in this toge
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1